Birthday Wishlist

SO it’s my birthday on the 20th of March so I thought I would compile a list of all the things I’m lusting after at the moment and really hoping someone gets them for me (hint, hint 😉 ) …

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 18.37.27

Wishlist 1:

1. Scarf Print Top – Topshop

2. White Flats – Topshop

3. Halter Crop Top – Topshop

4. Winter White Jeans – Topshop 

5. Khaki Skirt – Topshop

6. Watt’s Up Highlighter – Benefit

7. Floral Skirt – Topshop

8. Two-tone flats – ModCloth

9. Pink Jumper – Warehouse

10. Nude Block Heels – MissSelfridge

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 18.37.55

Wishlist 2:

1. Grey Wrap Skirt – River Island

2. Oversized Stripe Tee – Zara

3. Grey Cut Out Crop Top – MissSelfridge

4. Real Techniques Expert Face Brush – Boots

5. High Waisted Floral Bikini – River Island Top and Bottoms

6. Roller Lash Mascara – Benefit

7. Urban Decay Naked Pallet 2 – Debenhams 

8. Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Perfume – Boots

9. High Beam Highlighter – Benefit

10. White and Grey Bowler Bag – River Island

I hope that these wish lists have inspired people to go shopping (sorry!) and grab themselves lots of new goodies!

Thanks for reading x


£1.99 day and night cream – Review

Theres not a lot more that I really enjoy doing then browsing through other blogs and gaining inspiration (and a bit of jealousy!) Other than outfit posts, I love to read reviews on products. Quite often I will look online for reviews of a product before I go out and buy them (if only I did this every time I would probably save myself a lot of money, but hey ho!) So whilst I was out shopping today I picked up some new face creams and decided to try them out and review them on here.

Now, as I have mentioned before on another blog post, during the winter months I get terrible dry skin. I think its a mixture of the cold wind and central heating that affects my skin making it dry out so much. So whilst I was grabbing a few bits and pieces in Aldi (yes you read right!) I picked up a day and a night cream to try out. My mum has been using their face creams for quite a few years now (I often pinch some when I run out of my stuff, and have noticed they are good) and always raves over them, so I decided that today was the day I buy myself my own pots (your welcome mum!)

DSC_0934 DSC_0935

DSC_0942 DSC_0944

Firstly I tried out the day cream, I popped some onto my face and rubbed it in, left it a few minutes to really sink in, then put my makeup on top. My makeup sat well on it, with no signs of foundation slipping off because of the moisturiser, it also stayed on really well throughout the day. I also noticed that the dry spots on my face where already less visible after just using it once!

Later on, just before bed, I removed all traces of my makeup and slapped on another layer but this time of the night cream. This one is slightly heavier (like all night creams), but doesn’t feel too weighty, or greasy. It sinks in quickly just like the day cream and leaves my face feeling nicely moisturised. When I woke in the morning my face was feeling a lot less dry than it has been recently and I know this is due to this cream. I really like this moisturiser and can tell it will help my dry skin out a lot as I can already see this from just two applications!

HOWEVER, this is your one and only warning and if it happens to you its your own fault! If you get this in your eye it is super stings! Think bright pink eyes and tears rushing down your face uncontrollably!! I didn’t think to take a photo of that awful moment but I’m sure you can all image that beautiful face!

But other then that, this cream is perfect for my skin in these winter months. It hydrates but isn’t greasy or super thick and I highly recommend it to everyone, especially since it costs £1.99 a pot (no that is not a typo, it really costs just £1.99!!), so you can’t really go wrong! I am planning on doing a later update as to how it’s going with my skin after using it a few more time so look out for that (will probably be in my February favourites)

I hope this post has inspired others to either go and try out these creams for themselves, or to write their own reviews on other products. If you do try it out and write a blog post, have already tried them or have been inspired to write your own review post about a different product, please leave a comment as i’d love to see/hear what you guys think about this cream too!

Thanks for reading x

January Favourites

I for one cannot believe that it is already the last day of January, this year is already going so fast! But to sum up my first month of 2015 i’ve selected a few of my favourite products that i’ve been using this month.


Picking my favourite products of this month hasn’t been too hard, as I always stick to the same brands because I have such faith in them (but also because i’m a creature of habit!)


My first favourite of the month is the Simple Illuminating Radiance Cream. I use this under my makeup or alone on the days when I’m giving my face a break. It’s a lovely hydrating moisturiser that contains multi-vitamins, light reflecting minerals and an SPF15. I think it gives my face a perfect base but is also super good for my skin and makes it feel really smooth.

The second and third favourites are also both made by the Simple company. I use the Revitalising eye roll on with my moisturiser in the morning to de-puff and wake up my eyes. The other Simple product is the Eye Make-up remover, I use this along side the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water when removing my make-up. I use the eye make-up remover on my eye make-up (duhhh), it works really well even on waterproof eye make-up and the Micellar Cleansing Water to remove the rest of my makeup and cleanse my skin at the same time. Both work really well with sensitive skin too!


Tangle Teasers are now a common sight in any womans handbag and so it has to be part of my favourites because I use it so much. I think it handles my hair so much better than most brushes and never pulls or rips my hair.

The Ardell Demi Wispies Lashes were on my list to try out for so long, so with my Christmas money I decided to give them a try and am now converted. I love them so much and think that they are the perfect balance between natural and obviously fake (weird combo I know, but I only wear eyelashes on nights out or special occasions so want them to be dark and thicker, but not like the hideous spider legs some people wear!!) I bought the Ardell strip lash glue as well because I think it is really strong and long lasting.

I am a big believer of you get what you pay for with some make-up however, without a lot of numbers in the bank, it’s often really difficult to obtain these lovely expensive products, so I have to do with drugstore versions (but these are sometimes just as good!) The only product that I fork out for on a regular basis is my foundation. I use Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation in Ecru 1N2, it is quite expensive but I really think it’s worth it! I often describe this foundation as ALMOST waterproof, it lasts so long and doesn’t smudge or come off on clothes either!

I also use the 17 Phwoarr Paint in Fair, a heavy duty under eye concealer. I believe this to be a perfect drug store version of the Benefit Boi-ing concealer. I team this with the Maybelline Eraser Eye concealer in Light (I forgot to photograph this). I kept seeing this product being featured on loads of blogs so decided to try it out for myself and haven’t put it down yet! Teamed with the 17 Phwoarr Paint it gives the perfect coverage and finish on the days after a late night.

To apply my foundation, concealers and any other cream or liquid make-up I love to use sponge applicators. At the moment I use the Nanshy 4-in-1 Marvel make-up sponge (which I reviewed here) and the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge as well. I now use these instead of brushes where I can, as I believe they give a much more flawless finish.

For my eyebrows this month I am using the Maybelline Browsatin pencil in medium brown. It has a pencil on one end and a sponge with powder on the other. It allows you to outline the perfect shape with the pencil and fill in with the powder to give a very natural look.

Finally, on my lips I am currently obsessed with the No7 Precision lip pencil in Nude. To me it’s the perfect nude shade but is slightly darker then a normal nude. I feel it suits my colouring a lot better then a lighter nude.

I hope you enjoyed learning about my current favourite products. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to leave me a comment, thanks for reading x

Zuzka – Product Review*

Recently in the blogging world I have been hearing a lot about the brand Zuzka. Which has made me really want to try their products out. Zuzka Natural Beauty is a company that sells hand made natural cosmetics made from organic herbs and flowers. They stock everything from facial creams, masks and serums to body scrubs, lotions and shower gels, as well as 100%pure mineral makeup that even provides SPF15! DSC_0380 I think this is such an exciting brand not only because of the variety of products they sell but also because of the ethical considerations they take when manufacturing their products. They provide products that suit all skin types including: Acne prone skin, Oily/ problematic skin, Sensitive skin and Mature and Allergy Prone Skin. They show they go to great lengths to make sure their products are skin friendly by using organic ingredients sourced from the UK. Zuzka are against animal testing and ensure their suppliers conform to this as well. They also consider the environment by using minimal packaging. I have been in contact with Susan from Zuzka who sent me some trial size products to try out. I received a trial size Royal Gold Nourishing Day Cream for mature/ dry skin and a trail size Caffeine and Keratin Stimulating Conditioner for fine/ falling hair. To begin with I tried out the Royal Gold Nourishing Day Cream. Now this product states that it is for mature/ dry skin. Throughout the summer months of the year my skin is not very dry. However, when the winter months kick in, the wind tends to blow the moisture out my skin, leaving it quite dry, so this product is perfect for me at this time of year. It has a lovely clean smell with a hint of something sweet. I first tried it out on freshly washed skin, it has a light texture so sinks in quickly and doesn’t sit on the skin or leave a greasy finish like a cheap moisturiser. DSC_0456 I then tried it another day but this time applying it before my makeup routine. I always make sure to give my moisturiser a few minutes to sink in before applying my makeup because i feel that it sits a lot better. I noticed that my skin does look a lot less dry with this even with makeup on top. Next I tried the Caffeine and Keratin Stimulating Conditioner. This is for fine/ falling hair, now i don’t have fine hair (in fact its super thick) but my hair is lacking in shine, can look really dull and is quite damaged after years of heat application to my hair. Having caffeine and keratin both in a conditioner makes me really excited and I already know its going to do my hair wonders! Again it has another fresh, clean scent with a touch of a floral scent, I love it! It says on the bottle that it contains a strong herbal infusion to stimulate hair growth. Brightens and leaves the hair incredibly soft, now I love the sound of that! Anything that helps my hair grow, makes it shiny and soft is right up my street! DSC_0450 The instructions say to apply after washing and to massage small amounts into every inch of your hair and rinse well. Now usually I try not to put conditioner on the roots of my hair as I feel it plays a part in making my hair greasy quickly. However, I stuck to the instructions and did exactly as I was told. And I am amazed! It is a light conditioner but I can almost feel it working while its on. It has made my hair feel really moisturised and silky smooth and left a lovely smell in my hair. I feel that because it is such a light conditioner it hasn’t made my hair feel greasy at all! Overall, I am so pleased with the products I have tried by Zuzka and will definitely be purchasing more products from them in the future. I am most interested in their makeup and makeup brushes which I am planning to try next. You can purchase all products at: Thanks for reading, and as always feel free to comment or make any suggestions. x