fLash eyelash serum – review*

Hi everyone! Its been a while I know, sorry for slacking but I’ve been majorly busy over the last couple of months. I started my second year of uni, started a new job and my mum opened a shop, making my life very hectic!!

However, I am back and kicking it of with a review of fLash eyelash serum. Recently, I have been seeing a lot of hype about various eyelash serums and the benefits they have, which has made me really intrigued. So when fLash got in contact with me to ask if i would like to give their product a try I was immediately very excited!

fLash is a brand that I have come across before when searching for anything that would make my short eyelashes grow, however I was a bit overwhelmed by the sheer amount of serums out there that I never decided on one to purchase. So obviously as soon as the opportunity arose to try out their serum, I was more than happy to. I feel a lot better about using this product as it is tested by an ophthalmologist and was created by a doctor, so I know its going to be safe for my skin.


I received the product in this nice box that was wrapped in cellophane, which made me feel more comfortable as I knew the product couldn’t have been tampered with (you can never be too careful!!). Inside the box was the product itself and instructions on how to use. I was also given a flyer with 5 must know facts about fLash eyelash serum and a lovely note welcoming me to the fLash bloggers team.


Using the eyelash serum is fool proof, however the instructions do come in handy. The directions tell you to use the product once daily to clean dry eyelids and to then wait 2 to 3 minutes for it to dry before using any cosmetic products. I chose to use it in the evenings right before bed so I knew it had plenty of time to sink in. With this particular eyelash serum you only have to glide once over your eyelashes from one corner to the other, which is fab as you don’t have lots of product on your eyes. fLash also state that within 2-6 weeks of daily application you will see the results.


The product itself is doesn’t really smell of anything and is a clear liquid. The applicator is a bit like a liquid eyeliner but the end of the wand it bends outwards which allows the product to spread across your eyelashes easier to ensure that only one coat is needed.

I used this product for roughly 5 weeks and found it worked really well. I constantly received compliments on my lashes, with many asking if i was wearing false lashes! As mentioned previously my natural eyelashes are short and have nothing of a wow factor about them. But when I started using it I began to see results in about 2 weeks, as they said I would. Unfortunately I forgot to take a before photo (I would forget my head if it wasn’t screwed on!!) however, you can see in the after photo how long my eyelashes have got (I’m wearing mascara because my natural lashes are quite fair).

I’m soooo pleased with how much this has made my eyelashes grow, but they’ve also got thicker too, BONUS!! I am going to continue to use this product and will post another photo when I’ve been using it even longer so you can see if they have continued to grow. My friends have gone and bought the serum for themselves as they are so pleased with my results!

Thanks for reading! x