OOTD #12

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My fellow bloggers will know sometimes theres no-one around to take some photos for you, which is super annoying. So to tackle this problem I bought myself a tripod and remote so I can take them myself. So thats my excuse for these photos being a bit pants, as I was just getting used to using them (plus it was raining so I couldn’t take any photos outside 😦 )

Top – Newlook

Skirt – Miss Selfridge

Cardigan – TKMAXX (Similar Here)

Bag – H&M (Similar Here)

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Birthday Wishlist

SO it’s my birthday on the 20th of March so I thought I would compile a list of all the things I’m lusting after at the moment and really hoping someone gets them for me (hint, hint 😉 ) …

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 18.37.27

Wishlist 1:

1. Scarf Print Top – Topshop

2. White Flats – Topshop

3. Halter Crop Top – Topshop

4. Winter White Jeans – Topshop 

5. Khaki Skirt – Topshop

6. Watt’s Up Highlighter – Benefit

7. Floral Skirt – Topshop

8. Two-tone flats – ModCloth

9. Pink Jumper – Warehouse

10. Nude Block Heels – MissSelfridge

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 18.37.55

Wishlist 2:

1. Grey Wrap Skirt – River Island

2. Oversized Stripe Tee – Zara

3. Grey Cut Out Crop Top – MissSelfridge

4. Real Techniques Expert Face Brush – Boots

5. High Waisted Floral Bikini – River Island Top and Bottoms

6. Roller Lash Mascara – Benefit

7. Urban Decay Naked Pallet 2 – Debenhams 

8. Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Perfume – Boots

9. High Beam Highlighter – Benefit

10. White and Grey Bowler Bag – River Island

I hope that these wish lists have inspired people to go shopping (sorry!) and grab themselves lots of new goodies!

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February Favourites

I know its a little bit late but here are my favourite products that i’ve been loving throughout February…



First up is the amazing Roller Lash by Benefit! This is a sample that I got from Elle magazine this month, when I heard about it being a free gift I went out and looked everywhere that sold magazines for one as it was flying off the shelves very quickly! Before this new mascara I did use the They’re Real by Benefit but always thought there was something I didn’t quite like like but couldn’t quite put my finger on it. But now i’ve tried this one i’ve noticed it lasts longer on my lashes, is less clumpy and much easier to take off.


The next two products go hand in hand, St Tropez Bronzing Mousse and Soltan Beautiful Bronze Exfoliating Sponge. As its coming into spring and the days are getting longer and slightly more mild, skin starts coming out! So this means it’s time to slap on a bit of colour so I look less like a sheet of paper. As anyone that applies fake tan knows exfoliation is key for a natural looking tan, so before applying it I step into the shower and do a complete exfoliation of my body from top to toe. This exfoliation sponge does the job perfectly without feeling too harsh on my skin.

St Tropez fake tans are (in my eyes) the best fake tan you can buy, it may be a little on the pricey side but its certainly worth it! It doesn’t streak or go orange and develops into a lovely colour that can be darker if left on a lot longer. It lasts a good amount of time and even longer if looked after.


White teeth is something that I am constantly thinking about and wanting. I’ve tried numerous teeth whitening products and are always left disappointed. When I heard about a lot of people using the Coco White brand, I instantly wanted to try it out for myself. Coco White works by using natural coconut oil to do a technique called ‘oil pulling’ to make your teeth whiter. They come in a few flavours, mint, lemon and vanilla, and come in a tube that is to be used once a day. You cut open the tube and swish the coconut oil around your mouth from 5 to 15 minutes (I thought this was a lot to begin with too, but if you do it whilst your busy doing something else the time quickly flies by!) Straight away, within a few days I began to notice a difference and so did the people around me, who complemented me and asked what product I used. It also made my teeth feel super clean!


I used to use these a while ago but stopped for some reason, but have now rekindled my love for them. These Eylure Pro-Lash Individual Eyelashes are AMAZING! I get the Fine to Full packet in black as I love being able to build them up to however I like them. I like to put them on and wear them day to day and then add a normal set of eyelashes on top when I want a more extravagant look. They can be a bit tricky to put on but there’s a knack and you just have to get used to it. I use the specific individual eyelash glue as this is super strong and lasts ages!


Last but not least the Aldi moisturising creams that I have recently reviewed (here). As promised I am doing a quick update to see how it’s going now that I have been using them for about a week and a half. I have been religiously using them day and night to see them at their full potential! After this time, I have noticed that they are still working well with my skin and I haven’t had a reaction to them like I do with some face creams. They keep my face nice and hydrated throughout the day (and night) and stop it getting dry. They are not greasy or heavy so work well under makeup too. I’m so pleased that I found these and for only £1.99!!!!!! I am definitely going to be using these everyday!

So these are the new products I have been using and loving this month. I hope that this post encourages you to try out these products on here, (make sure you let me know how you get on if you do!)

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