£1.99 day and night cream – Review

Theres not a lot more that I really enjoy doing then browsing through other blogs and gaining inspiration (and a bit of jealousy!) Other than outfit posts, I love to read reviews on products. Quite often I will look online for reviews of a product before I go out and buy them (if only I did this every time I would probably save myself a lot of money, but hey ho!) So whilst I was out shopping today I picked up some new face creams and decided to try them out and review them on here.

Now, as I have mentioned before on another blog post, during the winter months I get terrible dry skin. I think its a mixture of the cold wind and central heating that affects my skin making it dry out so much. So whilst I was grabbing a few bits and pieces in Aldi (yes you read right!) I picked up a day and a night cream to try out. My mum has been using their face creams for quite a few years now (I often pinch some when I run out of my stuff, and have noticed they are good) and always raves over them, so I decided that today was the day I buy myself my own pots (your welcome mum!)

DSC_0934 DSC_0935

DSC_0942 DSC_0944

Firstly I tried out the day cream, I popped some onto my face and rubbed it in, left it a few minutes to really sink in, then put my makeup on top. My makeup sat well on it, with no signs of foundation slipping off because of the moisturiser, it also stayed on really well throughout the day. I also noticed that the dry spots on my face where already less visible after just using it once!

Later on, just before bed, I removed all traces of my makeup and slapped on another layer but this time of the night cream. This one is slightly heavier (like all night creams), but doesn’t feel too weighty, or greasy. It sinks in quickly just like the day cream and leaves my face feeling nicely moisturised. When I woke in the morning my face was feeling a lot less dry than it has been recently and I know this is due to this cream. I really like this moisturiser and can tell it will help my dry skin out a lot as I can already see this from just two applications!

HOWEVER, this is your one and only warning and if it happens to you its your own fault! If you get this in your eye it is super stings! Think bright pink eyes and tears rushing down your face uncontrollably!! I didn’t think to take a photo of that awful moment but I’m sure you can all image that beautiful face!

But other then that, this cream is perfect for my skin in these winter months. It hydrates but isn’t greasy or super thick and I highly recommend it to everyone, especially since it costs £1.99 a pot (no that is not a typo, it really costs just £1.99!!), so you can’t really go wrong! I am planning on doing a later update as to how it’s going with my skin after using it a few more time so look out for that (will probably be in my February favourites)

I hope this post has inspired others to either go and try out these creams for themselves, or to write their own reviews on other products. If you do try it out and write a blog post, have already tried them or have been inspired to write your own review post about a different product, please leave a comment as i’d love to see/hear what you guys think about this cream too!

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OOTD #11


A couple of days ago me and my boyfriend decided to spend our day off in Brighton. It was a lovely sunny day so we found somewhere quite to take some photos.

This light blue jacket is so lovely for the transition period from winter into spring, bringing brighter colours as the days get brighter too! The weather is still pretty chilly so you still have to dress up warm, but this can be done in a stylish way by layering up without it even being seen (cosy and fashionable!)

Coat – Warehouse (quick its in the sale!!)

Top – Newlook (similar here)

Jeans – Topshop

Boots – Krisp (similar here)

Scarf – River Island

Rings – Pandora (here and here) and Newlook 

Bag – Aldo (similar here)

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OOTD #10

1 2 3 4 5 86 7

Camel is a big colour for this season, and has been for a while now. It’s featured in everyones wardrobes and in all the shops, so why not jump on the bandwagon! I now have various clothing items and accessories in camel.

I bought this lovely coat from Forever 21, and haven’t really stopped wearing it since! It fits perfectly and is now my favourite coat! Being a rain mac it keeps the rain and wind off me. It’s not super thick so is perfect for the transition from winter into spring.

Coat – Forever 21

Jumper – Zara (similar here)

Jeans – ASOS (similar here)

Shoes – ASOS

Belt – Newlook

Clutch – Urban Outfitters (similar here)

Rings – Newlook and H&M

Watch – Fossil (similar here)

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Slendertox Tea – Review*

Just before Christmas I received a lovely package in the post from the people at Slendertox Tea. They were kind enough to send me a 14 day teatox for me to try out and review on here. I didn’t start it until the new year because Christmas is never the time to be dieting! I had some time off in January so thought this to be the best time to start, as it tells you to start on a weekend due to the ‘colon cleansing’ properties, you may not want to stray far from home (TMI I know!!) I didn’t suffer from this problem because I drink green tea everyday already but anyone that doesn’t be a little bit aware of this at the beginning of the teatox.


Teatox’s are fast becoming the new way to lose a few pounds and as soon as I heard I wanted in! Teatoxing is a way of ‘detoxing’ the body using teabags with certain properties in them, they aid weight loss and cleanse the body too.
The Slendertox tea comes as a 14 day (like the one I had), 28 day or 3 month plans. These both come with a day tea, taken once a day in the morning as close to waking up as possible, and a night tea, taken every other night a couple of hours before going to bed.


As someone that drinks green tea a lot the taste didn’t bother me. However, a lot of people have said they don’t like it so they just drink it really quick. I don’t necessarily think that’s the best idea but whatever floats your boat. The teas come with optional meal plans if you want to stick to it rigidly, however I decided to try to eat sensibly on my own because I found the meal plans too strict for me (Bread is my weakness and as soon as I’m told not to eat something I instantly NEED it!!)

I was so pleased with the result of this teatox – I lost 8 pounds across the 2 weeks! I will definitely be using it again because it made me feel a lot less bloated as soon as I started drinking them. I didn’t really experience any of the bad side effects that I had heard about before starting the teatox.


To anyone reading this and are debating whether or not they want to start it, go ahead, try it for yourself and don’t let other peoples views on it stop you. Everyones body is different and you can only find out how your body will react by testing it yourself. For me it worked fantastically! So well that I will be purchasing another 14 or 28 day course to take on the run up to my holiday in July.

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions or comments feel free to ask x