Nanshy Marvel Makeup Sponge – Review*

After taking part in the #BHTwitterParty a couple of weeks ago, I have been talking to Nanshy who kindly sent me this lovely makeup sponge to review on my blog. For those of you that have never heard of Nanshy, they are a UK based beauty brand producing high quality makeup tools that are always 100% cruelty free (great in anyones books!)

I received this lovely 4 in 1 makeup blending sponge. As a girl that try’s to never touch my face with my fingers (I know thats weird..) I was more than happy when I received this little one in the post.


At first glances this looks like any other makeup sponge available on the market at the moment (popular choices being the classic Beauty Blender or Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge). However, the Nanshy makeup sponge dons 4 in 1 features on the one sponge (1 more than the others on the market!) It has a pointed tip, which is perfected for getting the smaller, harder to reach areas but is also good for blending in corners. The second point is the flat edge, which is perfect when used for wide-flat stippling and is great for the contours around the eyes and nose. A third point is the waist that makes the sponge very easy to hold. The last feature is the rounded bottom, this makes blending in large areas a lot easier.


The sponge is very soft and remains lightweight, even when wet. It has a micro-pore formulation, that allows the sponge to remain damp throughout the application, and stops the sponge picking up too much product and wasting it (something that I was first worried about before using this sponge). Not only does this Nanshy sponge have so many other features but it is also latex free, odour free and also non-allergenic.

How to use the Nanshy sponge –

1. Firstly place the sponge under running water or submerge in water.

2. Squeeze out the sponge to release any excess water, but remains damp.

3. Either place foundation on the back of your hand or take straight from the pot (whatever your preference) and dab the sponge into the foundation and apply to face. I think it creates a much better finish if you use a stippling motion to apply the foundation.

You do not however have to stick to just using the sponge to apply foundation. I also use it to blend concealer, and also cream or liquid highlighters, bronzers and blushes.

DSC_0731 DSC_0732

This makeup sponge leaves a lovely flawless finish, better then many of the brushes I have used before. This is now going to be something that I use with my everyday makeup routine. It costs only £5.95 (wow!!!) and can be bought from

Thanks for reading x


Author: Molly Sayers

21 years old. Retail Marketing graduate. Big interest in fashion and beauty.

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